The Center for Public Health and Development (CPHD), a non-profit organization based in Nairobi, has been working for the past several years in East Africa to improve healthcare systems through training and other innovations. In its work supporting medical equipment donation programs in Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda, CPHD estimated that 50% of equipment are out of service, based on review of inventory of donated medical equipment across the region.

The need to come up with a solution was urgent—a piece of equipment lying idle ultimately means long delays in a patient receiving care at a facility, at times it can mean a difference between life and death. In its many maternal and infant care programs, CPHD observed that the malfunctioning equipment could make a big difference in the health outcomes of the region, and not just mortality rates.

Across most facilities, public and private, the problems are similar:
• Poor choice of equipment
• Poor procurement network
• Lack of technical personnel (at procurement, installment and maintenance levels)
• Lack of user training
• Lack of parts and consumables
• Lack of tools for testing
• Absence of proper planning at all levels of facilities

The solution was MediQuip Global. A social enterprise company and an independent service organization for biomedical and mechanical equipment, MediQuip Global started its services early 2015. Supported by GE Foundation and Assist International, we provide a wide range of high quality and reliable services to private, public, and faith-based medical facilities in East Africa.

With the help of GE Foundation and Assist International, MediQuip Global began its services with one county in Kenya. There has been no looking back since then.


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